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Marine Biology
Mar Biol

ISSN (printed): 0025-3162. ISSN (electronic): 1432-1793.

The Editors of Marine Biology invite and will consider for publication original contributions to the following fields of research: Plankton research: Studies on the biology physiology biochemistry and genetics of plankton organisms both under laboratory and field conditions. Biological and biochemical oceanography. Environment-organism and organism-organism interrelationships. Experimental biology: Research on metabolic rates and routes in microorganisms plants and animals. Respiration; nutrition; life cycles. Molecular biology biochemistry physiology and behaviour: Biochemical research on marine organisms; photosynthesis; permeability; osmoregulation; ionregulation; active transport; adaptation; analyses of environmental effects on functions (tolerances rates and efficiencies of metabolism growth and reproduction) and structures; migrations; orientation; general behaviour. Biosystem research: Experimental biosystems and microcosms. Energy budgets: flow routes and balance sheets of energy and matter in the marine environment. Interspecific interrelationships food webs. Dynamics and structures of microbial plant and animal populations. Use management and protection of living marine resources. Effects of man on marine life including pollution. Evolution: Investigations on speciation population genetics and biological history of the oceans. Theoretical biology related to the marine environment: Concepts and models of quantification and mathematical formulation; system analysis; information theory. Methods: Apparatus and techniques employed in marine biological research; underwater exploration and experimentation.

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